Computerized Tensile Testing Machines, Electronic Tensile Testing Machines, Analogue Tensile Testing Machines, Manufacturer, Sangli, India




Has manufactured and supplied Special purpose Computerized Universal Testing Machine capacity for -

• Tensile Testing of insulators
• Bend test of insulators

The machine is having 2 frames and one frame is used for Tensile Test and Compression and other frame is exclusively designed for bend test on insulators.

Special window based software is provided to meet the special test conditions. The on-line graph, data acquisition, storage and calculations etc.

This machine is 1st of its kind in India.
• We have supplied Special Computerized Spring Testing Machine for checking deflection of leaf springs to  
  M/s.Canara Workshop Ltd., Mangalore
• We have developed easy, more features, users friendly software for Universal Testing Machines and
   Ball Screw driven Computerized Universal Testing   Machines.
• We have developed Microprocessor based panels for Rockwell and Balancing Machines.
• We have developed Portable Dynamic Hardness Tester Model:DHT-6 which is lighter in weight,
   easy to operate, and the machine is first of its kind in India.

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